Motorola Xoom Survival Guide 1.1


Step-by-Step User Guide for the Xoom

This Motorola Xoom manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to do everything with your Motorola Xoom Tablet FASTER. You will also unlock hidden secrets on your Motorola Xoom, such as how to download FREE games and FREE eBooks and send an email from your device.

This Motorola Xoom guide includes:

- Getting Started
- Button Layout
- Organizing Home Screen Objects
- First-Time Setup
- Turning the Motorola Xoom On and Off
- Navigating the Screens
- Setting Up Wi-Fi
- Making Voice Calls
- Making Video Calls
- Setting Up an Email Account
- Logging In to the Android Market
- Managing Photos and Videos
- Sending Pictures via Email
- Setting a Picture as Wallpaper
- Viewing a Slideshow
- Importing Pictures Using a PC
- Importing Pictures Using a Mac
- Viewing a Video
- Using Email
- Changing the Default Signature
- Setting the Default Account
- Saving a Picture or Attachment
- Managing Contacts
- Using the Web Browser
- Blocking Pop-Up Windows
- Managing Applications
- Using the Kindle Reader for Android
- Using the Google Books Application
- Downloading Free Books
- Adjusting the Settings
- Turning the Motorola Xoom into a Mobile Hotspot
- Setting a Passcode Lock
- Changing Keyboard Settings
- Tips and Tricks
- Using the Desktop Browser
- Checking the Amount of Available Memory
- Using the Flashlight
- Maximizing Battery Life
- Troubleshooting

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